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We Were An SEO Agency

In 2005 I started an SEO agency soon adding more services to meet clients needs.

At first I loved it; heck I was a one man shop pulling down $500,000 on a good year and $250,000 in a bad one with barely any overhead.

Then things started to change.

I gained weight sitting at my computer for days on end. My social life was in shambles and I started hating my clients, even the ones that were friends. Especially my friends, they were the ones who thought everything was easy and always asked for things to get done ASAP. There were some dream clients who would never bug and they’re awesome, but that was also because I set their expectations from the beginning, "don't bother me and let me work", was the philosophy.

Needless to say I had a hard time growing past the $500k/year mark.

Eventually I smartened up (a.k.a experience) and started hiring some people in India. That was the most painful thing I ever did besides my first time in Bikram yoga and maybe the 2nd day after an initial cross-fit session which left me unable to move normally for a week.

I remember the first guy I hired, probably the worst programmer in the history of programmers. The guy might as well have been a bull in a china shop for all the good he did. He ended up staying with me far longer than he should have (another reason the company never grew). Lesson learned (about 10 years too late): Hire Slow, Fire Fast.

Then something happened, I was in too deep and couldn't get out even if I wanted to. I had a lifestyle; trips, cars, dining out, all the trapping of “success”. Bunch of nice stuff but was it really making me happy? Nope. I was just as happy going to a movie. I got rid of the fancy sports cars, because any self respecting 26 year old needs a badass M5 right? I was such a douche. Now I drive a beat up 2005 truck and I love it. In all honesty I do miss that M5 from time to time, especially when i see an open road, but am I less happy without it, heck no.

I don’t like my work any more, time to move on. I want to work out every day, eat healthy, spend more time with my son and earn a great living while doing it.

I’ve decided to build Free SEO Report the first cloud based sales & marketing automation (SaaS) tool set specifically for the SEO & Web Design industry. As far as I can tell it’s never been done, at least not the way I plan on doing it.

This is going to be a long road, so I decided to borrow a page from a great blog www.groovehq.com/blog and share the journey with you. From the process of winding down my existing agency and telling my clients they can go fuck themselves to showing you the mistakes I made along the way and how you can avoid some of them.

I’ll have to train my team to focus on 1 client. Everything we did before we’ll now do for a single website: our own.

I’d like to leave every blog post with 1 specific piece of advice that would have helped me alot, pick up The Marketing Agency Blueprint by Paul Roetzer. I wish I’d read this a long time ago, he touches on many topics I was thinking about for several years. Basically, the hourly billing model is flawed and there is a better way to run a web / SEO / PR / digital agency.

From selecting the technology, developers, design and marketing tactics, to preparing to launch, I’ll show you what we’re doing step by step to help your SEO, PR, Webdesign Agency get more clients.

I’ll finally have something worth posting on Twitter@ConstantClick & facebook.com/ConstantClick

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